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Nutritional Analysis and Health & Fitness Assessment

Health & Fitness Assessment is the BEST WAY not just to start your exercise programme but to monitor throughout your training. If you never done one or you don't re-assess your training, it makes me wonder what kind of athlete/fitness enthusiast you are.

How would you know if you are losing weigt from fat and not from muscle or how would you know if are putting on weight by gaining it from muscle and not fat? What is your Vo2 score, 1RM, etc?

Fitness Assessment is the only way to set the base line of one level of fitness and create a specific fitness programme. The re-test show your progression, areas of improvement and show you a successful training programme.

Results Personal Training offers 2 types of Test. You can be assessed in just one but both would be ideal.

1) VO2 - Metabolic Profile Test (the truth) > read more...

2) Nutritional Analysis + Health & Fitness Test - 4 Parts (it would consist of some/all tests from each part)
Weight and Height + BMI
~ Blood Pressure
~ BMR - Daily/Minimum Calorie Intake
~ Circumference Ratio - Abdominal and Waist

Body Composition Analysis

Body Fat %/Kg of each arm and leg and whole body
Healthy Body Fat Ranges | Viceral Fat
Leam Body Mass %/Kg on each arm/leg and whole body
Hydration Level | Bone Mineral Mass | Metabolic Age | Skin Fold - Caliper

Cardiovascular | Vo2 | Endurance
RHR | Recovery Hear Rate | Sub-Maximal Test | Pick Flow | Bleep Test

Strength | Endurance| Agylity | Flexibility
Grip Test | Upper Body | ABS/Back | Lower Body | Agility Test | Flexibility Test

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