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Nutrition is the most important aspect in our lives and training. If you are not eating right I would say that you are not really living, you are surviving. If you are training without proper nutrition, you are just wasting your time and money... you are not going to gain mass or lose weight "permanently" and definitely, you are not going to be healthier.

For everyday living and especially during physical activity, the body requires good source of energy. Even if you were to lie in bed all day, your body still requires good nutrition for basic function such as heart beat, breathing, brain function etc...

Energy is measured in calories (Kcal) and is obtained from the body stores or from the food we eat. Carbohydrates (glucose) is the main source of energy (fuel) for our brain, muscles and every cell in our body and without it we cannot function properly and it does not make us fat! If you train or just go about with low glycogen stores, you will feel constantly tired, headaches, training performance will be lowered and you will be more prone to injury and illness.

Just like a car wouldn't start without the right fuel, our body cannot function without enough and the right type of food. You probably already heard people saying, "I am not eating much and I am not losing weight" in fact they might even say that they are gaining (fat). - Let me teach you why!

Let me change the way you eat for life, learn to eat for optimum health. Learn how to eat for General Health, Weight Loss (no diet), Weight Gain and/or Sports Performance.

No fad diets, no restrictions, no nonsense...

Healthy Eating Plan For The Rest Of Your Life

Nutrition is the KEY


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